Dr Wiseman | Oxford Psychologist
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Dr Hannah Wiseman . Psychologist

Dr. Hannah Wiseman is a Clinical Psychologist (HCPC registered) and is accredited as a CBT therapist (BABCP). She has experience working with both adults and children across a range of NHS settings.


Hannah takes a formulation-based approach to helping individuals understand and make sense of difficulties they are experiencing. Hannah’s practice is informed by her knowledge of the evidence base, but she is flexible in her approach and draws on principles from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Systemic Therapy to ensure that she tailors her therapeutic approach to meet the needs of the individual. Hannah is experienced in delivering NICE-recommend interventions for a range of mental health difficulties, including depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders and eating disorders. She also has experience working in a specialist eating disorder service and delivering CBT-E.


Hannah’s priority as a practitioner is to create a safe and trusting therapeutic space where individuals feel able to explore any challenges or distress they are experiencing. She is passionate about ensuring individuals in her care feel heard and understood. Hannah helps individuals to develop therapeutic goals that feel important to them, and to develop ways of managing their mental health and psychological wellbeing in their everyday lives.


Hannah also works part-time for the local NHS services.

BPS Membership number:

HCPC Registration: PYL36049

BABCP Accreditation number:00000997967

Feedback for Hannah

``I am incredibly grateful to all of Hannah’s help. She genuinely helped me to see a point in being alive and to be able to find enjoyment in food, which is something that I can’t remember feeling for over 10 years. I feel prepared to carry on working to help myself become totally stable and never have to be back in such an awful place ever again as I have learnt the skills to do this.
``Thank you for your support. It has been really helpful and progressive and has opened a few doors which have previously been neglected- tough but necessary!
``A massive thank you for all the support and work you've done with me. Thank you for fighting my thoughts and helping me rationalise when I could not
``You created a safe space for me to explore my eating disorder in more depth. I hope that I can continue to use some of the valuable skills you have taught me and move further forwards in my recovery.
``Every session I had with you I felt safe and listened to. You relentlessly worked to help me discover my self worth and reminded me of reasons to recover.

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