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Oxford Mind & Body


We are independent qualified professionals offering CBT & Psychotherapy  in Oxford with extensive experience of working in NHS Specialist Services. We work with a variety of life and psychological difficulties (such as depression, anxiety, anger management, personality disorders, phobias, low self-esteem, life crisis, body image disturbances, terminations and abortions) and we have a special interest and particular expertise in the treatment of Eating Disorders. In addition to Therapy we also offer Supervision, Eating Disorder Awareness Classes for Schools, and Workshops for Professionals.


At Oxford Mind & Body, we are particularly curious about what makes each of us unique and we will endeavour to work with you in order to understand your current life experience (and any accompanying symptoms). We offer evidence based, brief and long term work, using different psychotherapeutic approaches to suit your needs. We appreciate the distress associated with long waiting times and how it takes courage and motivation to engage in therapy. For these reasons, we aim to offer you an initial assessment appointment and start of therapy without delay so you can engage in therapy when you are feeling most motivated. We believe our holistic approach can lead to a more meaningful understanding of your life, which at times can result in more adaptive ways of coping with your circumstances.


We accept self-referrals and also referrals from other health professionals. We offer face-to-face and Skype therapy from different locations in Oxford and we are registered with some of the major health insurance companies. If you would like to speak with one of us please call 07487 510 009.

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