Assessments and Psychotherapy
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Fees & Referrals



The Initial Assessment lasts around 1 ½ hours                                                                        £160

Subsequent 50 minutes Weekly Therapy sessions (remote or in person)                £100-£150





Our work starts at the point of contact, when you outline the difficulties you would like to address and we match you with a therapist. You will then be offered an Initial Assessment.


The Initial Assessment is normally a slightly longer appointment lasting around 1.5hrs. Here we gather history relevant to your presentation and consider a plan going forward.


Whatever the presentation (depression, anxiety, eating disorder etc), our clients tell us they experience increased emotional “distress” and reduced “inner strength” prior to starting therapy. This combination it is precisely the opposite of what is needed to cope effectively with life’s challenges and can have devastating ripple effects, leading to emotional depletion.


Following your assessment session, one-to-one weekly therapy commences. Weekly Consultations last 50 minutes and take place at a set date and time. You and your therapist will either agree on a set number of sessions or will continue on and open ended basis. Whatever the initial decision, length of therapy is reviewed regularly and jointly.  If your therapist feels you might benefit from seeing a Psychiatrist (perhaps to consider the use of medication) they will discuss this with you or encourage you to contact your GP directly. It is important that you feel able to speak your mind, particularly if you feel something needs adapting in therapy.


In order to evaluate our work and track therapeutic changes, we use questionnaires that measure a variety of domains. Over time we have found that clients who persevered with their Consultations reported meaningful reduction in reported “distress” and improved “inner strength”. It appears that towards the end of their engagement with us they felt more prepared to cope with life’s demands.


If you are struggling emotionally and feel that you could benefit from psychotherapeutic input do get in touch to set up and Initial Assessment. We are registered with the major health insurances and will liaise with them on your behalf. We would be delighted to join you on the journey to psychological wellness.

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