Dr Gislene Wolfart | Oxford Psychologist
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Dr Gislene Wolfart

Dr Wolfart – Lead Psychologist

Dr Gislene Wolfart is the Lead Psychologist at Oxford Mind & Body. She is a Chartered Psychologist Specialising in Psychotherapy and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Gislene has worked in a Specialist Eating Disorder Service in the NHS since 2011, where she assesses and offers psychological therapy to clients, many of whom presenting with co-morbid difficulties (including anxiety and depression amongst other presenting issues).


Prior to this post, Gislene worked as an Associate Therapist at Oxford Psychological Services in the NHS for 4 years delivering psychodynamic psychotherapy for a variety of presenting issues. Gislene also worked for 1 year at Cotswold House (NHS Oxford) delivering therapy for both outpatients and inpatients and briefly as a Locum Psychologist at the Oxford University Counselling Services, where she gained a deeper understanding of the pressures faced by the student and academic populations. At the NHS, Gislene also has experience of providing supervision, and offers independent clinical supervision through Oxford Mind & Body.


Gislene completed a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology where she specialised in the Psychodynamic Approach whilst also training in the application of Person Centred Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) addressing a variety of conditions. Gislene has attended training in additional therapies including CBT-E (a type of CBT specific for eating disorders), Mentalisation Based Treatment (MBT), and MBT-ED (a specific MBT adaptation for eating disorders). Gislene is particularly interested in the use of attachment models in the treatment of mental health and life difficulties (such as MBT and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy) whilst also appreciating the importance of gentle/problem based coaching in order to achieve change such as in CBT.


Lastly, Gislene is also interested in research looking at how working in mental health can impact on clinicians as well as research across the broad field of eating disorders.

BPS Membership number: 179088

HCPC Registration: PYL28006

BACP Membership number: 624495

Feedback for Gislene

Therapy sessions with Gislene were helpful. Gislene is understanding and allowed me to work at my own pace, not putting unnecessary pressure on me
I have found treatment very difficult `{`and`}` have battled with my eating disorder to engage with the treatment process. I feel I have a better understanding of my anorexia and why I chose to run and hide in it. My therapy with Gislene has helped me to identify this and areas I need to work on. On the whole I feel Gislene was helpful, encouraging and understanding, she really listened to me and I was heard….
Gislene is amazing. She is very approachable and I felt I could discuss anything with her
It has been very difficult but I think throughout my therapy the right level of strictness and sympathy was always achieved… for someone who struggles so much with openness it is amazing how comfortable I feel with Gislene now.

…my therapist seemed to truly understand my inner feelings, treated me with respect, and overall made a huge improvement on my life. Thank you very much for your help.

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