Dr Keyong Ma | Oxford Psychologist
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Dr Mabin Keyong Ma . Psychologist

Dr. Mabin Keyong Ma is an HCPC registered Counselling Psychologist.


Mabin has worked at different settings in the UK such as  community-based psychological services, NHS secondary care affective disorder services and specialist eating disorder services.


Mabin has experience of working with a varied client group including children, adolescents, university students, adults, older adults, and both children & adults with special needs. Their presentation include those suffering with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, anger issues, borderline personality disorders, major trauma, panic attack, bereavement, interpersonal issues, procrastination, lack of motivation, stress, and psychological issues commonly encountered by immigrants (such as identity issue, cultural shock, racial discrimination, loneliness and adaptation issues).


Mabin specialises in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). He has also undertaken post qualification training in other evidence based treatments, such as Mentalisation Based Treatment (MBT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for eating disorder (CBT-E), Focal Psychodynamic Therapy for eating disorder (FPT), Dialectic Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and Existential Psychotherapy. This breadth of knowledge enables Mabin to integrate evidence-based interventions according to his client’s needs.


Mabin is originally from China and lived in Poland for 7 years before moving to the UK in 2015. He offers therapy both in English and Mandarin.


Mabin believes having lived abroad has enriched his development as a psychologist and his understanding of mental health. His own diverse background enables him to appreciate the impact of cultural values on one’s psychological well-being and on the wider family system.


Mabin works collaboratively and integratively with clients, hoping to achieve a shared understanding of their difficulties. Emotional challenges can be alleviated by forming links between an individual’s present and past to promote an in-depth understanding of their sense of self and the origin of their difficulties. Alternatively, focusing on the here-and-now can improve stress tolerance and the ability to problem solve, or a combination of both. Mabin understands the challenges inherent in starting therapy, and he will endeavour to help his clients understand the nature of psychotherapy as well as the process of going through it.


Mabin is constantly driven to learn, research and innovate not only in psychology, but also in evolution theory, attachment theory, photography and painting.


Please note that Mabin is employed by the NHS, consequently he is unable to see clients with eating disorders who have been previously treated by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

BPS Membership number:

HCPC Registration: PYL36726

Feedback for Mabin

THANK YOU isn’t enough to truly say how much I value you and appreciate your advice! You have been patient with me and didn’t give up on me.”
I began this journey with your support and I will continue through the desert with a little more water thanks to you!
Far from TEXT BOOKS I’ve been like a snail, but you have adapted the journey, helped me with the twists and turns, the challenges I’ve had.
Thank you for taking the time to understand me, how I ‘tick’ and also my sense of humour, which is largely based on sarcasm…. Something not everyone understands!

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